Friday, August 27, 2021

Book of the Week: Study to Show Yourself Approved: Exploring Christian Concepts for Victorious Living

In this book, we have compiled select teachings and exhortations to help the Christian become the proverbial master of his domain. Some areas of interest are the image of the Christian, the internal struggles of the Christian, and the inevitabilities that come with Christian life. It is our hope that this collection challenges and encourages the Christian today.

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Friday, August 20, 2021

Book of the Week: The Mystery of Sonship: Exploring the Relationship between Salvation, Servant-hood, and Sonship

 In this book, we will explore the mystery of sonship. Our salvation does not only entitle us to right-standing with God, but also relationship. Through salvation, we become sons (and daughters) of God. This relationship, however, does not exempt us from our responsibilities as servants of the Lord. In the pages of this book, we will examine the relationship between the salvation, servant-hood, and sonship of the believer.

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