Friday, May 20, 2022

Book of the Week: The Way of Prayer: How to Pray for God's Protection and Deliverance

The Bible is full of prayers. From his earliest existence, man used prayer as a primary mode of communication with God. Prayers were made for different reasons. Prayer is an essential component to the believer’s walk with the Lord. Through prayer Christians communicate with God and receive strength. Therefore, a consistent prayer life is important. In this book, we will examine Jehoshaphat's prayer for God's protection and deliverance and Asa’s prayer for God’s presence and strength. As believers, their examples in prayer should strengthen us in the way of prayer and the art of prayer. Their examples encourage us to stand in faith in times of great distress and trouble.

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Book of the Week: The Book of Obadiah: The Evans Practical Bible Commentary

In this commentary, we will examine the shortest book of the Old Testament; the prophecy of Obadiah. It serves as a warning to the nations of God's righteous judgment coming upon the earth. The Christian is reminded of God's faithfulness which will extend to His rule for all eternity.

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Friday, May 13, 2022

Book of the Week: Leviticus 1 (The Burnt Offering): The Evans Practical Bible Commentary

In this commentary, we will examine one of the most important offerings of the Old Testament. God instituted Israel's system of worship through Moses' leadership. After establishing the priesthood, instructions were given concerning the sacrifices that were acceptable to God. Among the offerings of the Lord, the whole burnt offering (introduced in Leviticus, chapter 1) was unique. This offering helps the believer to understand Paul's exhortation to present the body a living sacrifice unto God.

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